Luca van der Zwaan a.k.a. Pepsi Cocaine is a Netherlands based alternative model and social media influencer.

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My Services


I’m an alternative fetish model. I have done a lot of different styles and genres, but my personal favourite things are horror, gore, semi-erotic and gothic themes.

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Instagram Promotion

Do you have a brand or shop with products you think might fit my image and style? I am always looking for clothes and other products to use/wear in my instagram shoots. You can send me something over and I can take high quality images, which I will share with my followers and you can also use for your own promotion

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Tiger Team

Every day I meet new people from the fetish community, online and offline. I’ve created the Tiger Team to cater to the desires of the wicked and perverted like myself, and as a way for my fans to support me!

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Contact me

Do you have any questions or do you want to work with me?
+31 621999468

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