The Seven Deadly Sins: Envy

You might already know this, and if you didn’t know yet, it probably wouldn’t surprise you too much if I told you that I am, in fact, not a christian. Nope, this goth potato does not waste her time on spiritual pipe-dreams, but hey if you want to spend your life worrying about the opinion of a “God” created by man, rather than man being created by God, please go ahead, but this series might not be for you. Unless of course you are willing to set your judgements aside for like ten minutes, and read my opinions first, but I’ve found that a lot of Christians are not able to do that when they find out that I’m a Satanist, because that’s what I identify as. Loving your neighbor is not as easy as it sounds apparently. 

In Christianity there are the “Seven Deadly Sins”, which sounds terrifying, but to be honest I’ve never heard of a case in which one did directly die from committing one of those so-called sins. The 7 Sins are: Greed, Pride, Envy, Anger, Gluttony, Lust and Sloth. In this series of articles I am highlighting my opinions on these “sins”, and my goal is to flip them upside down, show a different angle, and change one’s perception of it. Because Satanism advocates indulging in each of these “sins”, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification.

How To Turn Envy Into Ambition
Have you ever looked at someone, whether it’s in real life or on social media isn’t really important, and thought, “Why can’t I be like that?”.
You most probably have. Sometimes you even wish that person a ton of shit, because their perfection might seem too much for you to handle, you experience so much jealousy, it might turn into loathing. According to the christian bible, that’s wrong, and you will most certainly go to hell for it. Personally I don’t believe envy is that bad at all. You should just change your mindset.
Envy is to look with favor upon the possessions of others. You could turn bitter, and feel reluctant towards the person which you envy, or you could actually turn your envy into ambition. Because you see, you could also be desirous of obtaining similar things for yourself! You just have to lay two things along side each other: the goal, or dream image you desire, and the work you’d have to do to make it happen. There’s nothing wrong with canceling the goal because it’s simply too much effort. Sloth is another “sin” that’s totally human and which one should not be ashamed for. If the time and effort of obtaining it out-weights the thing you are envy, I don’t see why you would still go for it, since it would no longer be about indulgence, but more a case of counterproductive pride. I DO think though, that if you choose not to work for the admired object or image, you have not the slightest right to whine about it.  Like the father of Satanism, aka Anton Szandor LaVey used to say: “Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.” If you have the power to change a situation, do it, or keep quiet, since you made that choice, so you are responsible. You do not want to be a self-deceitful hypocrite, now do you?
If you do choose to roll up your sleeves, and go work for what you want, you must ask yourself WHY you want it. You might look at the instagram feed of Kat von D for example. She is one of my personal muses, which is why I’m mentioning her. When you scroll along you’ll find a beautiful woman, who owns a tattoo-shop in Los Angeles, a beauty brand which sells at Sephora, the US’s biggest beauty department store. She has a beautiful home, the most awesome fashion and shoe collection, and an enormous fan base of people like me, who appreciate the artistry in every breath she takes. When I see something she does or accomplishes, I will probably feel some form of jealousy. “In the name of Lucifer’s shiny little booty, look at those wonderful shoes! She has custom made Steve Madden’s, why can’t I have those?” If you’ve read the previous segment of this article, you will probably think “then get a job, save up for the fucking shoes or shut up”. Which yes I do agree with to a certain extend, but is it really about the shoes? Will owning that exact pair of shoes really quiet the envy? Was it about the shoes or do you just possess a rather extreme thirst to literally become Kat von D? Write down what you REALLY admire about this person. For me it was the fact that she does not limit her creativity to one field. She expresses herself using so many different platforms and mediums. She’s outspoken, and not afraid to stand out, in contrary, she realizes that that’s what makes her unique and successful. Those two things, her unlimited use of her artistic mind, and her unapologetic-ism, are the ultimate goals I want to work for.
As described above, it’s not simple, since the goals I’ve set for myself are not really easy little tasks which have easy little means to accomplish. But, I did turn envy and jealousy into inspiration, and motivation. Envy is not a bad thing, and if you accept that, you will realize that envy is the motivating force of ambition, and without ambition, very little of any importance would be accomplished.

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