Reverse Racism Isn’t A Thing

Hey you,

According to my statistics you are most likely from The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, or The United States of America. These three countries are very different from one another, but they have one thing in common. They have a huge, terrible problem in  common. They have a history of oppression, violence, and yes, racism in common. Most of the habitants are white. And, most of them refuse to admit that their country has a huge fucking problem. The denial goes so far, most of the crimes, us, caucasians have committed in the past, have not even been included in the textbooks, or completely twisted and turned to makes us look like the good guys instead of the bad guys. The Netherlands for example, the country I was born and which I call my home, we are taught in school to be proud of the 17th century, a time in which The Netherlands was one of the leading countries in trade, and we were rich. Oh yes we were rich, we had the best boats to trade our valuable goods we sold for gold and riches. “The Golden Century” we call it, because we were so damn rich. Nobody bothered to include that most of those “valuable goods” were African slaves.

We all know about our ancestors who just walked into a piece of land and decided it was theirs. And if the actual habitants, the rightful owners, were lucky, they would be left alone and they just had to do whatever the new owners, the filthy thieves who happened to have better weapons, would say. But if they were not that “lucky” they’d be enslaved. This didn’t just happen in one place, or one time. This happened everywhere, and it kept on happening. White people thinking they’re superior and just taking everything and destroying villages, or even entire ethnic groups, isn’t a one time occurrence. You see, it happened to the Native Americans, Aboriginals, African people, and many, many more. It’s not something we should “delete” from our curriculum vitae, white people. Because you might not be proud of it, but it’s what happened.

If you look at all the stupid shit white people have done in history, it’s hard to believe they’ve just “stopped” doing it. That’s because we haven’t. We have done so much damage, it has become a pattern. It’s a system, laced into our current society, with only the oppressed noticing it, because the oppressors would rather not see it. People don’t like it when they’re accused of something, so we just deny it. And that’s a very, very big problem. Just because you personally haven’t enslaved African men, just because you haven’t raped Native American women, or robbed Aboriginal children away from their family, doesn’t mean you are not contributing to the system. “No, I didn’t live back then, so I couldn’t do anything to prevent it from happening, thus I’m not responsible.” But, you do live right now, so you CAN prevent what’s happening right now, and if you don’t , you ARE responsible.

If you are a white, heterosexual, cisgender male, this might be kind of hard for you to understand. You simply have a lot of advantages and have minor experience with oppression. You have more privileges than, for example, a biracial lesbian women with a handicap. Because our society, is a patriarchy. It’s led by men. White men. No, I’m not saying you don’t have your problems, or you’ve not been discriminated against from time to time. But don’t you dare, don’t you fucking dare tell me that reverse racism exists.

Imagine being lucky enough to afford going to university. You’re sitting in a class, where most people are black women, you’re one of the few white men. You’re afraid to walk around the campus at night by yourself because you know black women have a reputation of taking advantage of men. Your white grandfather might have been a slave. When you walk around in the grocery store, the store clerk keeps looking at you with distrust, while your black friend is left alone. Black people constantly complain about white people like you stealing their jobs. You have a rather hard time finding a job yourself, and then finally you get offered one, but you do have to wear your hair in cornrows, because such straight, white hair, that’s not professional. Your white best friend got killed by the police last year, solely because of the colour of his skin.

Imagine. Imagine being used to that. And then the oppressor, starts to complain about “reverse racism”. They usually mean something minor, something they wish to do but can’t because that would be culturally appropriating. Like wearing dreadlocks or something. First we tell POC they can’t wear it because they would be stereotypical ‘hoodrats’, and then we’d do it ourselves, and get offended when people tell us we can’t. Reverse racism my ass.

Yes it sucks that our great-grandparents have been assholes. You know what sucks too? Having your children taken away because “they shouldn’t be raised by such savages”. Or constantly being fetishized by middle aged white men because Asian women “are so submissive”. Or people wearing headpieces which are considered as sacred in your culture as slutty halloween costumes. So I’m sorry white person. I’m sorry you have to endure the bullying and “racism”. I’m sorry a Mexican person once joked about white people using only salt to season their chicken. I’m sorry you can’t call people names that were created to mock black slaves. I don’t get how you can still sleep at night, when you have to endure something like that.


One thought on “Reverse Racism Isn’t A Thing

  1. Weirdly, this is the first time I come across a meaning to reverse racism parallel to what I understand where I live…. Generally, where I come from, reverse racism refers to the priviledges white people or, really, any race other than African has. Beauty standards, customer service, land acquisition… the list is long. As long as your skin is lighter (enter bleaching agents), you can easily get more clients, or property or whatever. Life changes. And it is both sad and irritating as hell.


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