Subcultural Elitism

If you follow me on more platforms aside from this one, you know that I frequently refer to myself as goth. If you personally don’t identify as an alternative person, you’d probably not even doubt that statement, and agree with me fully. But, if you’re more familiar in the alternative community, you might look at me and think; wait. You’re not. That’s because I’m not goth 24/7. I also find myself loving the punk, rockabilly, and kawaii subcultures. And that’s okay. But a lot of people don’t agree. Let’s talk about that.

First of all, people’s definitions of “goth” are very different. Ask a “normie” (non-alternative person) and they’ll say something about black clothes, victorian dresses and black lipstick. Ask a 15 year old “nugoth” and they’ll say something about the brand Killstar, ouija boards and the makeup brand Kat von D. But so-called “eldergoths” (people who’ve been goth for a really long time, preferably since the 80’s when the goth subculture came about) might have a very different outlook. They will probably start blabbing about music. Siouxie and the Banshees, the Cure, Bauhaus, Depeche Mode, the Sisters of Mercy, and I could name a LOT more. What I’m trying to say is that being goth isn’t just about fashion, unlike the mainstream’s view. It’s a lifestyle.

By Laura Speek

But like I’ve mentioned before, I’m not solely goth. I don’t like restricting my creativity by picking only one lifestyle, because why would I? I love a lot of different things, of which a lot are “goth” things. But some of them aren’t. I’m really fond of pink, and sparkles, and unicorns for example. And I do listen to goth music, but I also like metal, punk, rock, indie, jazz and blues. So should i really say to myself, “no, you might like those things but it’s not goth so you can’t do/wear/listen to that”? According to some elitist little bitches on the internet I should.

Look. If you ask me, being alternative is all about freedom. I think breaking free from the social mold and just doing whatever the fuck you want and wearing what you likes is exactly what appeals to a lot of people to become for example, goth. But there are so many people who are trying to ruin it. There’s these people online who keep screaming to everyone they aren’t goth enough, they’re doing this wrong, they don’t wear enough makeup or they don’t like the music but do enjoy the rest of the lifestyle. And that’s so toxic! Yes I get annoyed too when Kylie Jenner drops a black liquid lipstick and everyone calls her a “goth queen”. We all know she is not goth. But just because someone isn’t YOUR type of goth, or doesn’t do things the way YOU like to do it, doesn’t mean they’re not goth. And honestly, who even cares? Why do some people feel like it’s okay to bully someone online just because they are wearing natural makeup and still hashtag the picture as goth? Is the goth community really that superficial? Aren’t we all trying to fight the idea that it’s just about looks?

By Laura Speek

So yes. I’m goth. Because I feel like that fits me the most. But I’m not going to suppress my creativity and individuality just so I can become YOUR ideal goth. Not everyone has to look like Morticia Addams (even tho she mad hot).


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