Fetish Influences in Mainstream Fashion


If you follow me for a while now, it will not be too surprising when I tell you that I’m pretty open-minded. I am open about sex, fetishes and stuff like that, because I think they’re very important topics to talk about. The fact that society deems it to be taboo, is not going to make me hold my breath.

– trigger warning- 
In this post I’m talking openly about sex and fetishes.
If you are uncomfortable with either of those subjects, I’d recommend you to click away.


It all started with the chokers. “A nineties comeback” they called it. At first it was just the elastic little tattoo chokers, but then the O-ring chokers were also widely available at every Claire’s in town. Little did the 14 year old white girls know that those are actually blowjob gags. And then Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner started wearing waist-trainers and corset belts. So H&M and Forever21 also started selling corsetry-inspired clothing pieces. Or how about those fishnets all the instagram models wear underneath their ripped mom-jeans? Or how patent leather pants and skirts are suddenly widely available in mainstream fashion stores?

By Rudy Visser

Let’s talk about Moschino’s Fall 2018 Men’s Collection. This runway show is actually what inspired me to write this article. As you can see in the slideshow below it’s very much inspired by the kink-scene. Of course, fetish-fashion is nothing new. Jean-Paul Gaultier and Vivianne Westwood have been doing it for decades. But a brand this relevant in today’s fashion world giving every single look in a collection a fetish-twist, that IS new. Moschino has always been an eccentric brand of course, especially since Jeremy Scott is the creative director. Take a look for yourself, I picked a few highlights, looks from the show that I like best:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As a fetish model and part of the kink-community, I feel two things about this whole thing. On one hand I like it that Moschino makes haute couture pieces inspired by something that inspires me so much as well. Scott’s looks are beautiful, and show that fetishwear doesn’t have to be vulgar and trashy, but can be very avant garde and classy. But I also feel like for most people, this is just a hype. It’s a trend in which they can follow but do they really appreciate it the way kinksters do?
Like my muse John Maclean once said: “Trends are for the anxious”.

By Rudy Visser

Of course, alternative and fetish inspired fashion being “in” right now has perks as well. As one first had to go into sketchy sex-shops to buy a pvc miniskirt, one can now just go to the H&M webshop and get one there, and it will be a lot cheaper too. As a goth it’s very nice to just pick up a bunch of O-ring chokers from a random ass fashion store instead of having to order it from an expensive kink brand. But those expensive kink brands are suffering. Because they are depending on us, the REAL kinksters, but we’d rather get it somewhere else because money doesn’t grow on trees. That’s why it’s important to keep supporting our own community. I now buy my fetish inspired daily wear at mainstream fashion chains, but I still purchase my actual playwear from smaller kink stores.

By Rudy Visser

What do you think? Do you appreciate the wide availability of fetishwear or would you rather see this trend to die down quickly so we can keep this for ourself? Leave your comments down below!


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