I’m Into DDLG


If you follow me for a while now, it will not be too surprising when I tell you that I’m pretty open-minded. I am open about sex, mental health and stuff like that, because I think they’re very important topics to talk about. The fact that society deems it to be taboo, is not going to make me hold my breath.

– trigger warning- 
In this post I’m talking openly about kinks, sex and fetishes.
If you are uncomfortable with either of those subjects, I’d recommend you to click away.
Also, DDLG does not refer to an actual child, I do not encourage sexual relations with minors.

In this post I’m going to be really open about my own sexual preferences and kinks. And I’ve done that before in another article, where I was interviewed by Kinktionary, which you can read here, but I’ve never really talked about it on my own blog. And I was inspired by a video by one of my favorite youtube couples, Edwin and Mina, when they opened up about their DDLG relationship.

So what is DDLG? Urban Dictionary defines it like this: “Daddy Dom / Little Girl. DDLG, or dd/lg, is a relationship in which one person is the caregiver or “daddy” and the other is childlike. It is NOT a relationship between an actual father and daughter or any minor. This is a type of BDSM relationship that may or may not involve sex, but often involves play with child-like things, such as stuffed animals, bed-time stories, and spankings. The lg part of the relationship is often called the “little.”” So I identify as a little. I like being playful and childish, and I sure am a very bratty submissive.

By EroMotions

DDLG stands for “Daddy Dom / Little Girl” and I personally don’t identify as a girl, but as a non-binary person. But somehow, when I get into the LG headspace, I do feel a lot more girly. I guess you could say my “character is a 7 to 12 year old girl. Everyone’s dynamic is different. Some people have non-sexual DDLG relationships, while for others it’s mainly about sex. While it might not involve sex, it can involve play with things such as stuffed animals and other childlike activities (ageplay) along with BDSM aspects such as limits and punishments.

Ageplay or Age Play is essentially “Role-play”. Age play is the term consenting adults use when they act or treat another as if they were older or younger than what they are, sexually or non-sexually. This is a role play and should not be confused with age regression. This is similar to “Pet Play” because you are acting, not regressing.

By EroMotions

A little is someone who age plays between the ages of 0 to 10, and middles refer to the preteen and teenager years. As I said before, I usually act/feel like a 7 to 12 year old, and I’m kind of on the edge between the two, but I prefer the term little, or nymphette. Nymphette is a word used in the book “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov, which I’ve been obsessed with since I was about 15. Although the relationship in that book is between an underage girl and an adult man, which is obviously NOT okay, it did awaken this part of me which I’d never explored before. I know how terrible this is going to sound but I really did fantasize about it a lot, even though it is about actual pedophilia and child molestation, which I’m strongly against. But I guess you can’t repress your fantasies and you shouldn’t have to, as long as you realize it’s just a story.

So when I was 18 I discovered this thing called DDLG. I’d heard a lot of basic vanilla bitches ironically call their boyfriends daddy, and for me it was so fascinating. Daddy? Isn’t that gross? But then I learned that DDLG isn’t about incest or anything, and I started using the word daddy myself too. And I started to be a little. It kind of just happened. Just to clarify, I was already into Dom/sub dynamics, and I already identified as a very bratty sub. I’m submissive but this bitch bites. I’m not slave like, I’m actually rather annoying and whiny with my dom.

By EroMotions

It is very important, just like in any other BDSM relationship, to set boundaries. No two DDLG couples are the same, as every individual has their own needs and desires, as with any other kind of BDSM the sub or little holds ultimate power, if they say they are uncomfortable or wish whatever roleplay/activity to end, it ends right there and then. There is nothing wrong with having an interest in BDSM or the DDLG lifestyle, people from all walks of life are drawn to BDSM.  There are some littles who enjoy the ‘Little space’ and others who enjoy the ‘sub space’ or both. Generally speaking, Littles require their dominant partner acts as more of a parental or authoritative figure in the relationship.

My boyfriend/daddy sometimes finds it confusing that I want to be called babygirl or princess, when I also get mad when he calls me a girl in other occasions. Because I’m non-binary, I don’t identify as a girl. I’m gender neutral. But when I’m in my age play headspace, I do feel really girly. I totally understand his confusion though, and it’s mostly because he wants to address me correctly and not misgender me, and even for me this is still something I have to explore. Gender identity is a difficult thing!

By EroMotions

It can be a little bit scary to introduce the idea of having a DDLG or even a “normal” BDSM relationship to your partner. For us it happened very naturally, and yes I really did have to push my daddy in that direction, but he soon discovered that he’s into it too! So if you feel like you might be into DDLG too, do some research first, and then slowly introduce the concept to your own partner. Don’t just hand over a whip and put a pacifier in your mouth and ask your girlfriend to spank you, it doesn’t work that way. Let’s talk about sex, baby!



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