Hello everybody,

I got some very exciting news which I’m very proud to share but I’m also a little bit nervous about. I’m creating a new kind of content, which some of you will be very happy about, and some of you won’t like it. In this post I’m going to introduce you to a few things that I have been working on lately!




You can now order prints! I carry two sizes, A4 and A5, and both are signed. You can currently choose between 4 different options, they all have their own appeal and I tried to make a very versatile selection.
click here to view my prints



I’ve created two videos; semi-erotic shortfilms in collaboration with EroMotions. With semi-erotic I mean that they are in fact erotic, and I perform quite sexual acts, but it’s not nude. There is top exposure and butt, but no explicit nudity, even though it’s quite graphic.

I Licked It So It’s Mine

in this short little video (2:53 minutes) i’m eating a lolly-pop and i’m being very naughty: i’m touching myself. this ‘pov’ mini video is free to watch on pornhub. click here to watch! 

Slap The Slut

a naughty short-film… i’m behaving like a good little slut, and enduring quite some spanking and gagging. five full minutes of submissive pleasure, pink spanked ass and boobies and those sexy longing eyes. you can download this video from my store for €4,45.


Mostly the videos I’m very nervous about, but I’m really proud of how they turned out as well. I chose to put one on pornhub and to sell one myself because I want to see what makes me the most profits, and so people can watch one for free and hopefully be hyped up enough to buy the second one.

I started off as an alternative model, slowly turned towards fetish modeling and for me this feels like a quite natural transition. There’s a lot of shame and guilt in sexuality, and especially fetishes, and I feel like there shouldn’t be. I personally am proud to say I’m kinky and I like to do what I’m currently doing.




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