As Sweet as Pepsi, As Addictive as Cocaine

New Hair, New Name.
Once known as Nosferatu Necromancer, I now go by Pepsi Cocaine. I started modeling at the end of 2016, when I was 18. I already had a blog called “Nosferatu Necromancer” so I thought it would be a splendid idea to make that my modeling name. Soon I experienced a lot of difficulties surrounding that name though, as most photographers and followers could not pronounce, write or remember it. But my pubescent stubborn mind kept it. Until a week ago, when I felt like Nosferatu Necromancer was just too much of a bother and I didn’t even like it that much anymore. And that’s when I came up with Pepsi Cocaine. It’s edgy, playful and just suits me like a shiny latex glove. I hope you like it too! Or don’t. Your problem.
Two weeks ago I also shaved off part of ma hairsies. If you follow me since I started modeling you know I started off with a full buzzcut. And slowly, with every photoshoot my hair started becoming longer. If you check out my portfolio page, you can actually scroll down and see my hair shrink until it’s only a few millimeters and I looked like a marvelous punk egg. Anyways, I wanted to grow out that buzzcut because I missed the variation of styling it in different ways and shit. But then I reached that short-bob and it was finally all one length and it was so BORING to me. So I decided to shave part of it off again.
By Kaseekoma

Now I hope you like all the changes, I certainly do. I feel a lot more like myself this way, even though it’s all very new! I also created a new Facebook page which you could like if you want to, by clicking here. You don’t have to though. Hang in there tiger!

xoxo Pepsi Cocaine


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