Why I’m a Satanist

If you follow me for a while now, it will not be too surprising when I tell you that I’m pretty open-minded. I am open about sex, mental health and stuff like that, because I think they’re very important topics to talk about. The fact that society deems it to be taboo, is not going to make me hold my breath.

– trigger warning- 
In this post I’m talking openly about satanism.
If you are a Christian idiot who can’t think outside of their dumb little book, I’d recommend you to click away.

When most people think about the Church of Satan, their mind congers up images of Devil worship and human sacrifices. Or maybe contracts with the Devil written in blood. This is not even close to what members of the Church of Satan believe in and practice.

The Church of Satan was founded by Anton LaVey. So in this post I’m talking about LaVeyan Satanism. Satanists don’t actually believe in the Devil. We believe we are all our own God, and Satan represents the archetype of the primal nature of humans. Many of the hedonistic behaviors humans display that christians call “sinning”, should be indulged in according to the Satanic beliefs.

By Peter Diablow

Satanists are against the harm of innocents. We are very pro self-indulgence and lust, but only when it is consented. The Satanic Bible itself says that you should do whatever the fuck you want sexually, with whoever you want, as long as you’ve received the “mating signal”, in other words, it is consented. It’s funny that most people think that Satanists are perverts and rapists, while the christian bible actually says that if a man rapes a woman, he can buy the woman off her father and then it’s all okay. The hypocrisy is hilarious in my eyes.

It’s also funny that in movies and such Satanist have this weird reputation of sacrificing both humans and animals to worship the Devil. First of all we don’t worship the Devil. By believing in the Devil you would actually be a christian because both God and the Devil are made up by them. So there would be no purpose in it. The Satanic Bible also clearly says “Do not harm little children, and do not kill non-human animals, unless you’re attacked or for food”.

By Peter Diablow

Christianity teaches we love and forgive one-another for our transgressions toward each other even if it’s not reciprocated by the other people involved. In other words, you should be a happy and kind little cunt even if other people around you take advantage of you and are complete assholes. LaVey condones the destruction of enemies without guilt. Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek!

If you want to know more about the Church of Satan you can find information on their website, www.churchofsatan.com. I’m not an official spokes-person of the Church, but I am an officially registered member.

By Peter Diablow

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