acting pretty in front of a lens


If you’re a photographer or another type of artist who’s looking for a different subject than the typical fashion model, I might be interested in working with you. There’s a few things you should know:

      • My sizes can be found here
      • I have a lot of self-harm scars everywhere, especially on my arms, hips and thighs. They’re very apparent, and yes you could erase them with photoshop, but I personally think you might as well make it part of the art work. I’m not proud of my scars, but they’re simply part of my reality, and erasing them feels like you’re denying part of who I am/was.
      • I don’t do nude photography or explicit erotica, but I will consider suggested nude or semi erotic if i feel like it benefits the artwork in an artistic way.
      • If you think my prices are a bit high, keep in mind I own about €700 worth of makeup, and €5000 in fashion and accessoiries. You basically have a model, MUA and stylist in one, so if you think about it that way I’m quite cheap. I usually do not do implied nude or suggestive erotica in the first hour of shooting, I’d rather start at lingerie or fetish to get more at ease.
      • If you try to convince me to do something or take something off while shooting I’m not comfortable with, or you are verbally or physically intrusive, I will give a warning, and if you do not change your behaviour I will ask to be paid for the time I’ve worked and I will leave. If I feel like you are a real danger to the model photography community I will also leave references on your pages, and submit you to blacklists etc. If you behaved extremely unprofessional and even performed illegal acts, I will contact the police.


For different genres I charge different compensations. All stated fees exclude travel compensation.


SPECIFICATION:  Sexuality and slight eroticism that’s not necissarily focused on nudity. Most common themes in fetish photography I do are bdsm, latex/pvc/leather, corsetry and high heels. I don’t make erotica, so if it’s too graphic I might not be interested. I like suggestion. If I’m required to be nude (or wear sheer fabrics covering my private parts) it falls under the prize range of “art nude photography”.

1 hour = €50
4 hours = €150


SPECIFICATION:  Fully clothed shoots. I don’t just mean fashion editorial shoots,  I also include other types of photography in this price range. For example: if you have very artistic photo’s in mind where the photo’s aren’t so much focused on the clothes but I’m wearing clothes that cover most of my body, it falls in this category. I’d have to be able to walk outside in the outfit.

1 hour = €45
4 hours = €135


SPECIFICATION:  Lingerie or corsetry are the main focus. I’m still covered, but it’s slightly sexual. More innocent and less erotic than the “fetish photography” category. Fashion looks with sheer or lace tops where my breasts are visible also fall under this category. If the outfit has sheerness in the bottom, like lace panties, and my private area would be visible, it falls under the “art nude photography” genre. 

1 hour = €50
4 hours = €150


SPECIFICATION:  Shoots that require me to be nude or almost nude on set. I do not show my private parts on camera, but if I have to be nude or dressed in sheer bottoms, it falls in this category. I only do nude shoots if I have already shot with the photographer before, or after the first hour of shooting and I’m comfortable enough. I will never spread my legs (unless something is in front of me/ the camera that covers me). 

1 hour = €60
4 hours = €180


SPECIFICATION:  Shoots where the focus is on my upper torso, and which aren’t too sexual. I’d have to be able to walk outside in the clothes we’re shooting in. 

1 hour = €40
4 hours = €120