join the tiger team

the tiger team is how i refer to my closest, most hardcore fans. if you admire me and you want to support me, you surely can! i’m a bratty goth girl and i love to be spoiled. my tigers get more attention, lighthearted chats on for example facebook or instagram, and will get to know the real me! and let’s be honest, i’m way better at spending your money anyways. be my personal wallet! you will be able to ask me kinky questions i otherwise wouldn’t answer, and tigers will also receive sexy selfies and behind-the-scenes content. there’s multiple ways to join the tiger team:

  1. CUSTOM FETISH SHOOT – we can collaborate and create a photoshoot i will arrange especially catered to your needs and fantasies! oooh baby doesn’t that sound hot. click here for more information.
  2. SEND ME GIFTS – you can send me gifts and goodies! you can do so anonymously or leave your name or username and i will give you a shoutout! if the item is wearable i will send you 2 pictures of me wearing it. click here for more information and my wishlist.
  3. SEND ME MONEY – you can also just paypal me money! click here for more information and payment methods.

all these three methods will give you two months of tiger-team membership, after or during these 2 months you can renew your membership by doing one of the three entering methods again.

to join the team you have to pick one of these options, to see if you’re worth my while. i have a lot of fans and i can’t always reply to all of them, but my tigers will always get my attention, and i like to get to know them! and be sure to not forget keep me happy, because you can’t just spoil me once and then demand my attention 24/7. keep me happy boys, keep me happy….

By Maxim Gortworst & Marcel Driessen