spend your money on me boy

make me happy. make me smile. make my life glamorous through your wallet. and yes this comes with something special for you too boo. if you send me €25 ($30/£20) we could have a 15 minute chat on skype, and i will wear something very sexy for you. if you send me €50 ($60/£45) i’ll make you even happier, i’ll send you a signed print, and you’ll have 30 minutes to get to know me on skype.

a good thing to know though is that we won’t get too frisky on skype. i’m not a cam girl, so i won’t take my (already sparse) clothes off, and i’d appreciate it if you didn’t either, because if you show me anything indecent i’ll have to stop the call and i won’t accept any further contact. it’s just for us to get to know each other and you can ask me anything you want to know about me 🙂 if you wish to remain anonymous you can keep your cam off and just talk through the mic or even just type and i’ll reply on cam.



There’s multiple ways to pay me:

  1. PAYPAL – you can send the money through paypal using this link: PayPal.Me/nosferatunecromancer. be sure to add your name or alias somewhere too.
  2. BANKTRANSFER – you can use a bank transfer method, by transferring your money to my IBAN number: NL11 INGB 0001 2143 59. my name is LC van der Zwaan. again, make sure you add your name or alias somewhere.
  3. MAIL – if you prefer to send me the old fashioned way, you can also send me banknotes in an envelope and send it to my postal address, which can be found here. this takes a bit longer and is a bit less safe but it’s up to you. you should write your name or alias on a little note which should also be included in the envelope

after you’ve transferred the money you should send an e-mail to nosferatu-necromancer@outlook.com to tell me you’ve sent me money, and be sure you mention the same name or alias you’ve also used to pay me. that way i know it’s you, hotness. i won’t reply to your e-mail until i’ve actually received the money though so don’t be playin’. once i have received it, i will send you an e-mail back and we can arrange a time for our skype meetup. and if you spent €50 or more i’ll ask for your address so i can send you your print!

By Maxim Gortworst & Marcel Driessen